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Do you want to find out why Fortune 500 companies are using Eclipse RCP as a corporate standard for rich clients and learn how to profit from it's enterprise class feature set? Our RCP courses that have been held and improved by numerous Eclipse RCP experts since 2005 are the way to go.

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Developing RCP

Eclipse RCP has become the leading platform for Java-based Rich Client development. In this training, you'll get familiar with all relevant concepts and features of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), enabling you to design your personal RCP applications. Throughout the training, participants will be given the opportunity to apply theoretical contents in several labs.


  • An RCP-style "Hello World!"
  • RCP from 10.000 feet
  • OSGi and Plug-Ins
  • Using Extension Points
  • The Workbench
  • RCP Applications
  • Products and Branding
  • Views
  • Commands
  • SWT Basics
  • JFace Viewers
  • The Selection Service
  • JFace Standard Dialogs
  • Editors
  • I18n
  • Testing RCP with JUnit


Software Developers and Software Architects


  • Advanced Java programming experience
  • Notions of Eclipse SDK as a Java development environment


This is a 4-day class

Special conditions

Early-Bird: valid until 6 weeks before training (applies for trainings from WeigleWilczek)
Special Promotion Price: within the scope of the Eclipse Training Series of the organizers Industrial TSI & Eclipse Foundation, an additional 10% discount will be given if you register two weeks prior to the course.

Soon available.