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Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool) is THE Open Source Eclipse reporting solution. Using Eclipse plugin extensions, interactive reports are conveniently generated with a WYSIWYG editor.

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Eclipse BIRT

The tool's Viewer Engine can be easily integrated into an Eclipse application (RCP or web server) and reports may be generated and exported in various formats like HTML, PDF, XLS, PPT or DOC. This training explores the potential of the BIRT technology both in theoretical and practical episodes.


  • What is Eclipse
  • What is BIRT
  • Installing BIRT
    In this section we will install the report designer and take a quick tour of the available options, views and editors.
  • Your First Report
    We are going to create all the elements needed to connect to a database and retrieve information from that database. After this topic you have mastered the basic skills of report creation
  • Report Viewer
    The report viewer is a tool to run reports in various different formats (PDF, Excell, etc..) and extract data from the reports to be used by other applications (e.g. cvs)
  • Decorating and Scripting
    This section explains how the report can be decorated. We will add icons, and images from the web, underline totals and make negative numbers appear in red. It also explains how you can use the scripting engine to make the report interactive.
  • Advanced Features
    We will add charts, and look at sorting, grouping and aggregation. You will also learn who to filter the contents of the report by using filters and report parameters.
  • Sub-reports and Drill Down
    Drilling down to more detailed levels is accomplished in this chapter. We will introduce you to the art of linking reports together.
  • BIRT Report Libraries and Templates
    Many parts in BIRT can be predefined in building blocks stored in libraries which can then be used by the end user to compile reports. You can also create different look and feel templates to match your companies style.
  • Cross Table
    Cross tables provide a two dimensional view in data and they provide various ways in how you can aggregate your totals.
  • Other Data Sources
    Finally we will show you how you can hook up different data sources and integrate them in the same report. You can link multiple databases together into one report or extract data from various different sources at once. Examples are JDBC, flat files and XML data.

Goal of this Training

  • Introduction to design tools and basic reporting concepts
  • Able to create reports that range from simple listing reports to complex reports using grouping, report parameters, multiple master pages, hyperlinks, and data from a variety of data source types.
  • By the end of this two-day training, will have mastered the skills to create a wide variety of  reports, simple and sophisticated, using the graphical tools of BIRT Report Designer.


This course is designed for Software developers and architects who want to develop reporting modules for their application to meet specific requirements. This course is targeted at users who are not used to BIRT or have just started to use it.


  • Advanced Java programming experience
  • Notions of Eclipse SDK as a Java development environment
  • Knowledge of SQL

Duration & Format

  • It is a 2 day program and extends upto 8hrs each.
  • The format is 70% hands-on labs and tutorials, 30% theory.

Provided Courseware

  • CD with development environment, labs and sample solutions
  • Training handbook

Special conditions

* Special promotion price during Eclipse Training Series. An additional 10% discount will be given if you register two weeks prior to the course.

Soon available.